Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Treats!

Halloween is tomorrow! Our costumes are ready and now we are working on the decorations for our trunk for trunk-or-treat, it's supposed to have a high of 45 here tomorrow so at this point I'm just hoping we don't freeze before the candy is handed out. In between getting all the decorations ready, I threw together a few quick Halloween treats! What I love about each of these treats is how ridiculously easy and quick they are, it took me maybe an hour to get all three completely ready to go and that includes breaks to tend to a feisty almost-three year old. I made ghost cookies (which were also in the gift bags from a previous post), chocolate covered Oreos, and Toasted Marshmallow Rice Krispies Treats, which I just posted the recipe to!

For the ghost cookies and chocolate covered Oreos, simply melt 2 cups white chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. I did this on 30 second intervals and it took a total of 1 minute.
Whisk chocolate until smooth, then dip Nutter Butter cookies into melted white chocolate and spread with finger to get an even coating, place on parchment paper until the chocolate has solidified. I used black sparkle decorating gel to add the ghost eyes which can be done while the chocolate is melted or when it has cooled. 

The 2 cups of melted white chocolate chips covered 12 ghost cookies and 12 Oreos.

With the chocolate covered Oreos I recommend putting a couple in the white chocolate and using a fork to coat them and dish them out of the white chocolate, it will still be messy but not as much as using your fingers to dig them out. Again, place on parchment paper, if adding sprinkles then do it as you go while the chocolate is still melted so it will hold the sprinkles better. 

With the Toasted Marshmallow Rice Krispies Treats I used the black sparkle decorating gel I used for the ghost eyes and added 'BOO!' to each one, quick and decorative! I was hesitant about using the decorating gel on these but it doesn't alter the taste at all!

What are some Halloween treats you guys think are a "must"? Happy Halloween-Eve!! I hope you enjoy and have a fun Halloween!!

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