Monday, October 27, 2014

Must-Have Monday, Maternity Edition

Happy Monday! It's officially Halloween week which means a lot of overly-festive themed meals, Halloween crafts and Halloween movies for us! I spent the evening starting Halloween gift bags to send to my nieces and nephews full of black and orange chocolate chip filled rice krispie treats, ghost Nutter Butters, and medical gloves filled with candy. However, since we just moved into our apartment a month ago and found out we are closing on our house in hopefully one week, half of everything is still packed, including my camera and I can't stand the crappy quality photos my phone spits out so no pictures for this post, unfortunately.

Along with gearing up for our fourth move in our short three years of being married, I'm also in my 27th week of pregnancy with #2 which means I've found some pretty great maternity must-haves! I may still be a newbie in this mom world but I've found some good pieces that are comfortable and will last into post-partum and nursing. 

Starting with the Be Maternity Seamless Ruched Tank I have one in both colors and wear one nearly every day, they're great for layering now that it is starting to get colder out but are also great when it is hot, they also help me feel supported without suffocating me (if that makes sense?) And to add, they're on sale! 

My second great find are Toms wedges, specifically Herringbone Desert Wedge. Obviously with my lack of balance I really don't need to be in sky-high heels but wedges allow me to feel dressed up and stable and the herringbone design is great for fall and winter.

This is also the time in pregnancy I start leaning on my maternity dresses for comfort, when I was pregnant with Xan I felt like I was constantly 105 degrees even when it was snowing outside and dresses always helped me feel comfortable, adding tights and boots made me look a little less crazy too! I'm really a fan of these two great dresses from Asos, they're casual enough for day-to-day errands and can be dressed up for all the upcoming holiday celebrations. 

That pretty much wraps up must-have Monday, sorry for the short post. We are also over here brainstorming ideas for our trunk for trunk-or-treat. Every holiday week makes me feel like I'm juggling 30 things at once! Have a great Halloween week!

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