Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Must Haves: Cold Weather and Minis

We have spent the past week getting moved into our new house! This is our 4th move in 3 years and I am done with moving for a while, if I as much as see a moving box in the next year I may just have a breakdown. The temperatures here have plummeted, last Monday we were moving it was a high 65 and by 8 pm it was in the 40s and hasn't come up since. We've been hanging out in temps in the 20s with no promise of snow yet. What's the point of freezing temperatures if there's noting pretty to look at?! My internal battle of 'can it be Christmas yet?!' continues, I kept my fall decorations up per request of Derek who thinks there's absolutely no reason to put Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving... but I did get the Christmas mugs out and that will hold me over for these next 11 days. Anyway, with freezing temperatures and snow in the near future I've found some very great must haves to power through the first snow fall which always seems to hit like a freight train. 

1. Anthropologie Sorel Tivoli Blanket Boots found here
2. H &M Chunky Pom Hat found here
3. White Plum Sequin Pullover found here
4. ModCloth Houndstooth Coat found here and on sale!
5. Fair Isle Throw found here
For Mini: 
6. Ralph Lauren Ranger Boot found here and on sale!
7. Gap Fair Isle Sweater found here
8. Gap Fair Isle Mittens found here - matching scarf and hat available too!
9. Gap Slipper Socks found here
10. Gap Fleece Robe found here

I hope you have a wonderful week!! 

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