Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Must-Haves for Minis

Happy Monday everybody! Confession: I've been scouring stores for ideas for Xander's holiday outfits for months now. It is definitely starting to get colder here so I caved and started buying vital pieces for his holiday outfits. When choosing Xan's outfits, I try to get durable pieces that while hold up but are still cute and affordable, we all know with toddlers things only last a few brief minutes anyway. So here are a few pieces I have found that are equally durable, cute, affordable, and warm. Score!

Side note, I think the white sweater was a moment of pure hope that maybe just maybe he wouldn't notice he's wearing white and then perhaps it will stay clean? I can always hope.

5. Button Flannel Shirt (on sale!)

That wraps it up for must-haves, at least for now, I'm curious as to what you all look for when shopping for your little ones so let me know! Have a great week!!

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