Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter Skin Care & Make Up

Year after year I have noticed as soon as the temperature drops, my skin completely changes. In reality it's probably only slightly dryer but in my mind it's like trying to pick out make up for an entirely new person... am I the only one that goes through this? Or the only one that made it to 24 without finding any make up that actually worked? Anyway, since moving to the Midwest, my skin seems even more insanely different. However! I have finally found a few make up and skin care routine samples that are saving my face.

With an almost 3 year old, school, moving into a new house, and every day things going on, I really wanted to keep my skin care and make up routine as quick and efficient as possible. By the time I'm doing my nightly skin care routine, I'm exhausted and I have found simply washing my make up off and using Olay Regenerist Night Recovery does the trick, it keep my skin looking hydrated and smooth! I also love that isn't oily at all. During the day, I'm usually rushing or trying to multitask so again, quick and efficient was key when I put my winter routine together. I start with Philosophy Hope In A Jar SPF 30- this is great for a daily routine and it has sunscreen added in so one less step! And again, this helps my skin stay moisturized without feeling oily, score! My daily make up varies but I usually always wear L'Oreal Lumi foundation and Revlon Lash Potion. These are the only foundation and mascara I have found that I continue to go back too. I hate when my foundation doesn't look smooth and L'Oreal Lumi blends in fabulously. As far as mascara my two big pet-peeves are when mascara makes my eyelashes stiff and when it won't completely wash off, it drives me absolutely crazy. Revlon Lash Potion keeps them soft but adds volume and length and washes off entirely so my face actually feels clean when I remove my make up. My final go-to for daily make up is Maybelline Color Sensation lipsticks, I have an embarrassingly large collection of lipsticks I keep coming back to the Maybelline line, even in winter the keep my lips hydrated so the color lasts longer and looks like I just put it on even hours later.

What about you? Do you have any skin care or make up staples?

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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