Sunday, December 28, 2014

36 & 37 Weeks

Christmas has come to an end which is always a little sad but I'm all too excited to get the decorations put away and start decorating for Xan's birthday :) 

At 36 weeks we had an ultrasound suggesting baby weighs closer to 7 lbs and measuring in the 83rd percentile with a head measuring in the 99th percentile. Maybe I'm in denial about Ollie being that large but I decided to just stick with what the pregnancy apps were saying about suggested size and height for the updates!

Which gets us to 37 weeks with only 3 more weeks to go if baby stays in until full term! Nesting is definitely in full swing over here and I find myself doing ridiculous things like color coding the linen closet. Ya know, because that is necessary to bring a baby home too, apparently.  Here's to hoping the weather continues to be great until baby Ollie makes his arrival!!

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